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Fictional Journal

Does Thread Count Really Matter?

by Emma Rutherford |

Does thread count really matter?A luxurious night in a hotel, equates to a high thread count sheet, so crisp and fresh and soft. Though what is being discovered is that a higher count doesn't automatically mean better quality. Here, we look to debunk the conventional wisdom of "higher-is-better" thread count myth.When did a higher the thread...

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

by Emma Rutherford |

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet - watch our video

The Kubca Collection

by Emma Rutherford |

Kubca is a guest house and social enterprise in Bandung, Indonesia, employing hearing impaired workers and the families of people with more severe disabilities. The residents at Kubca create ceramics and recycled papers and receive all proceeds from the sale of their work. Unicef provides support for the building and management of the facility. Kubca is also run as a guest house...


by Emma Rutherford |

  All the Fictional Objects products are touched by these hands. Our production manager in Bandung, with the help of her partner, oversee all aspects of the production of our products in her home-town, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. We endeavor to keep everything as local and simple as possible. We only work with one maker and his team of 2...

The Fictional Home of Emma Rutherford & Family

by Emma Rutherford |