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by Emma Rutherford |


All the Fictional Objects products are touched by these hands. Our production manager in Bandung, with the help of her partner, oversee all aspects of the production of our products in her home-town, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. We endeavor to keep everything as local and simple as possible. We only work with one maker and his team of 2 or 3 people. In addition to this, one more maker works on our much-loved fabric packaging. Keeping our quantities small means we all get to communicate with each other about the process. We know a lot about the supply chain of our products, from how the yarn is purchased and woven, to what steps are used in our print processes. We oversee what measures are taken for testing our yarn and print quality, and discuss ways to use everything we manufacture wisely, reduce waste and keep everything moving as smoothly as possible to deliver the best products.


The drive to understand more about how our clothes are made, where they are made, and by who, is being led by a few key organisations and many major manufacturers are opening up about their processes and taking steps toward being more accountable for them. For more information and stories about the movement towards transparent manufacturing processes in the fashion industry. Check out fashionrevolution.org

Photos: Reza lubis