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Fictional Objects was launched at the end of 2012 and grew from a desire to create useful, beautiful, and thoughtfully constructed products - things that will be valued and last a lifetime


Our bed linen is a durable and dense weave, from the highest quality yarn, with an incredibly soft finish. We have learnt a lot about cotton and textile production. For something so simple, we think its pretty amazing, and understanding the bones of our product has become really important to us. Fictional Objects is led by the idea of being conscientious in each step of the design, production and delivery process.


We are a small team in Australia and Indonesia. We are not in every store, so the ones we choose are our favourites. It is our aim to create a product that will last and be loved for a lifetime. To uphold our attention to detail, & keep our lives happy, & make sure you’re getting something different, & be available when you want to talk, we keep our quantities low….


Fictional Objects is designer-owned. All our prints are original and developed (in Australia) through a process of drawing & collage, with reference to traditional printmaking concepts and techniques. We spend a lot of time selecting and combining the shapes and colours we use to create our range. Each year we adjust the composition just a little, adding a few new colours and ideas, and taking some away. The result is a refined and evolving collection which continues to build, and keeps getting better.


Fictional Objects engages in a range of due diligence activities to promote fair labor practices and ensure good working conditions in our factories. We know the people who make our goods. We even drink tea with them.